LYNN HOYT- 2008 - About Me

A self-learning artist working with gourds and gathered plant fibers, my main focus is on carving and coiled basketry.

Influenced by a background in garden design, I work with nature to create carved and sculptural designs that are both intricate and bold. Using old-world techniques, the work is absorbing, contemplative and slow, but lends itself to attention to detail.

There's something extremely satisfying in growing or gathering plants and creating "something from nothing." Being close to my source of materials creates an awareness of nature and conservation, and an appreciation of the skills involved in creating something from truly elemental resources. It reinforces my sense of place, connecting me not only with the earth, but with my local surroundings. Collecting and preparing my own materials is a personal journey, leading to highly individualized pieces. Working this way, from earth to finished piece, is ripe with associations that I find emotionally fulfilling. I feel a bond with others from the past who respectfully fashioned nature into their daily lives.

I'm co-founder and president of the Natural Fibers Group, an organization for fiber artists who want to explore natural materials for use in their work. Our US and Canadian membership hovers around 100.

My work has won awards in local Fine Arts Shows and in other venues. It can be seen in my online shop, Midnight Coiler, and locally at the Beaufort County Arts Council in Washington, NC. I also participate in a few quality art and craft shows. (see show schedule)

I’m currently seeking gallery representation.

View more of my work online in the Pine Needle Group Gallery and in the Natural Fibers Group Gallery.
Contact me for more information.


Natural Fibers Group
Roanoke Arts & Crafts Guild
North Carolina Basketmakers Association
Beaufort County Arts Council
Martin County Arts Council
NC Gourd Society
American Gourd Society
Goldweavers Guild


2008 Beaufort County Members Exhibition, Washington Civic Center

2008 Martin County Fine Art Show, Williamston, NC
3rd place (Bronze Age)

2008 North Carolina Basketmakers Association Convention Exhibition
1st place Coiled, professional (Tuxedo)
3rd place Miniatures, professional (Blue Brooch)

2007 North Carolina Gourd Festival, several awards

2007 Pitt County Fair, Greenville, NC, several awards

2007 Beaufort County Arts Council Fine Arts Show, honorable mention

2007 Beaufort County Arts Council Anniversary Exhibition, Washington Civic Center, Washington, NC

2007 Natural Fibers Group Exhibition, Washington Civic Center

2007 North Carolina Basketmakers Association Convention Exhibition
2nd place Miniatures (Midnight Nectar)

2007 Martin County Art Show, Williamston, NC
2nd place (Butterfly) honorable mention (Lavender Lady)

Publication: 2007 Gourd Artists Guild Calender

2006 Beaufort County Fine Arts Show
honorable mention 3-D and Mark & Suzette Bardill Purchase Award (Sliding Steady)

2006 Pitt County Fair, several awards

2006 NC Gourd Festival, several awards

2006 Annual National Juried Art Exhibition, Rocky Mount Art Center (NC)
Regal Beauty

2006 North Carolina Basketmakers Association Convention
1st place Advanced Coiled (Lavender Lady)

2006 Martin County Art Show
1 1st, 1 2nd, 1 honorable mention

2005 Beaufort County Fine Arts Show
honorable mention, (Florentine Lace)

2005 Pitt County Fair
2 1sts, 1 2nd, 1 3rd

2005 NC Gourd Festival
9 1sts, 3 2nds, 4 3rds, Presidents Award

2005 Year of Craft Exhibition, Washington Civic Center Gallery. May through July1

2005 North Carolina Basketmakers Association Convention Exhibition
1st Place, Advanced Coiled, (Meadow Maiden)

2004 Pitt County Fair
Best of Show, 1st Place, Craft (A Vine in Time)
1st Place, Wreath (Gourd Wreath)
2nd Place, Coiled Basket (Jupiter's Eye)
2nd Place, Tree Ornament Under 3" (Gourd Holly Ornament)
1st Place, Misc Decorative Craft (Stringer of Three Fish)
2nd Place, Jewelry (Looped & Beaded Gourd Necklace)
2nd Place, Dried Arrangement (Blue Beauty Vase)
1st Place, Gourd Birdhouse (Triple Burst Kettle)
3rd Place, Growers, Gourd Collection of 6 Varieties
2nd Place, Growers, Gourds Three Small Alike
1st Place, Community and Civic Organization (Natural Fibers Group Educational Display)

2004 NC Gourd Festival
1st Place, Whole Carved Gourd (Starpower)
1st Place, Cut Carved Gourd (A Vine in Time)
2nd Place, Carved Mixed Media (Sunstar)
3rd Place, Woven Naturals Gourd Bowl, (Dance of the Yucca)
2nd Place, Woven Gourd Bowl Mixed Media (Cubbie Hole II)
3rd Place, Functional Carved Birdhouse (Triple Burst Kettle)
2nd Place, Ethnic Musical Instrument, (African Rainstick)
2nd Place, Gourd Floral Arrangement (Blue Beauty Vase)
1st Place, Gourd Container Floral Theme, (Virginia Creeper)
3rd Place, Gourd Fish (Stringer of Three Fish)
1st Place, Grouping of Three (Juxtapositions)
1st Place, Special Talents, Set of Jewelry (Carved Necklace and Earring Set)
3rd Place Special Talents, Carved (Leather N Lace)
3rd Place Special Talents, Woven Bowl Natural Materials (Cubbie Hole)
3rd Place, Smallest Gourd, grower's category

2nd Place, Three Identical Fresh, grower's category

2004 NC Basketmakers Assn Convention Exhibition
Second Place, Mixed Media (Juxtapositions)

2004 Martin County Art Show
First Place, Mixed Media (Juxtapositions)
Second Place, Crafts and Textural (Jupiter's Eye)
Honorable Mention (Snail's Pace)

2003 Beaufort County Arts Council Holiday Show
First Place Show Display

2003 Washington Artisan's Market
Most Creative Display
Most Beautiful Display

2003 NC Gourd Festival: First Place Decorated Gourd Bowl (Square Peg)
First Place Mixed Media Cut Carved Gourd (Medallion Bowl)
First Place Carved Cut Gourd (Snail's Pace)
First Place Carved Whole Gourd (Mayan Morning)
Second Place Special Talents Carved (Juxtaposition)
Second Place Woven Bowl Natural Materials (Amphora)
Second Place Special Talents Woven Bowl (Rhythm of the Rays)
Second Place Functional Birdhouse
Second Place African (Safari II)
Third Place Mixed Media Whole Carved Gourd (Egyptian Night)

2003 Maifest: First Place, Crafts & Textural (Rhythm of the Rays)
Second Place, Crafts & Textural (Ragamuffin)
Honorable Mention, Crafts & Textural (Oak Leaf Bowl)

2002 NC Gourd Festival: First Place Woven Bowl Man Made Materials (Harmony)
Third Place Decorated Gourd Bowl (Sweetgum)

2002 NC Basketmakers Assn Convention Exhibition
First Place, New Weaver (Harmony)

2002 Maifest
First Place Crafts (Harmony)
Second Place Crafts (Leaf Bowl)

2001 Gourd Artist's Guild WWW Gourd Show
Third Place Cut Category (Flower Bowl)

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