My Gourd Garden

I grow as many of my own gourds as I can each year. It's fun, challenging and always surprising!
These are photos of my main gourd arbor from a couple of years ago.

April 15- greenhouse grown seedlings set out, spacing approx 1 1/2' apart on 50' arbor. Composted horse manure with stable bedding has been dug in . It pays to keep the weeds down with landscape cloth.

May- running to top of arbor & across on jute cord. Daily hand-picking of my worst pest, the brown stink bug, is necessary. No matter how many I get, more come to take their place.


June- plants have filled in, lots of gourds hanging under leaves and flowers still being produced. I side dress with 10-10-10 or 8-8-8 a couple of times through July. Very careful Round-Up use and hoeing around arbor keep weedy field grasses at bay.


August- View from inside arbor. Wish all years could be this good! Plants on ground are volunteer cypress vines.

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